Three’s Curriculum

Teacher directed activities include numbers, letters, days, months, colors, shapes, seasons, Bible stories, songs, fingerplays, and worksheets in basic concepts. Activities for the development of fine motor skill include coloring, cutting, gluing and manipulating objects.

Bible stories, scripture memory and prayer
Bible characteristics

Recognize similarities and differences among pictures, shapes, letters and words.
Recognize letters of the alphabet and their sounds.

Recognize colors, shapes and patterns.
Recognize numbers, quantities and matching.

An introduction to the use of pencils and how to follow directional paths in tracing.

Home: Building social and self-help skills.
Block: Building large and small motor skills.
Puzzle: Critical thinking and eye-hand coordination.
Art: Creativity through different art forms.
Hands On: Critical thinking, patterning and organizing.

The use of good manners, lining up, sharing, etc.

P.E. (Physical Education)
Development of large motor skills.