Elementary Teachers

Take a moment to meet the men and women who have dedicated themselves to helping you provide your child with a firm foundation that will ensure their future success. They are intelligent, hard-working, and dedicated to excellence in your child’s elementary education. Every Teacher your child interacts with is a highly qualified professional and signs a statement of faith affirming they are personally committed to the same high standard of Christian Character we aim to cultivate in your children. If you’d like, schedule a tour by clicking the link below and you can come by and meet them in person!

Mrs. Kirchman


Mrs. Kirchman 01Hello! My name is Carol Kirchman, and I have been teaching for over 35 years. I was born and raised in Wisconsin but moved to Arizona in the summer of 1994. I earned my degree from Trinity Christian College in elementary teaching. I’ve had a love for teaching since I was little. I love growing and inspiring the minds of these young children not only educationally but also spiritually. I am so thankful for the opportunity to teach at WVCS where Christ is the center of everything we do. I look forward to participating in your child’s educational journey.

Ms. Sun

1st Grade

UZodYsjAMy name is Amy Sun, and I have been in Christian education my entire life, having attended a small Christian school in my hometown of Prescott, AZ and continuing to receive my Bachelor of Education degree from what is now Arizona Christian University. I taught for two years in Arizona public schools before moving overseas and combining my passion for teaching with my love of the world. Primarily, I taught in S. Korea and Kazakhstan and briefly in India. Since 2014, I have been teaching at WVCS. I enjoy sharing my love of missions with my students and helping them gain a worldwide perspective of God’s love for us.

Ms. Plyler

1st Grade

OZoHdzIgHello! My name is Rita Plyler, and I have been teaching for 18 years. I was born and raised in the Midwest but have been here in the Valley since 2004. I earned my degree in Elementary Education from Ohio University. I have always loved teaching because I love helping children develop and expand their natural curiosity about life and the world around them. I am an adamant supporter of Christian education because I believe a Biblical worldview is vital to children’s understanding of who they are in Christ and what their role is in His plan. As a teacher, it is important to me that my teaching and my life instill and reflect that worldview. I am so blessed that God has chosen to use me here at West Valley Christian School, and I look forward to sharing His Word with your child.

Mrs. Robinson

2nd Grade

Mrs. RobinsonMy name is Barbara Robinson. I am privileged to be here at West Valley, and I’m looking forward to guiding your child in their educational journey! My journey began here. I was born and raised in Arizona. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Christian Studies at Grand Canyon University. I’ve been actively involved with West Valley as a parent since 2010 and have been teaching here since 2016. I love using dynamic and hands-on methods of learning to fully engage the students in my classroom!

Mrs. Cheatham

2nd Grade


My name is Krista Cheatham. I’m excited about the opportunity to help your child grow academically and spiritually during their time here at West Valley. I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. I earned a degree in elementary education from Grand Canyon University. Before joining the team here at West Valley, I gained eight years of experience as a second-grade teacher in the City of Phoenix and then another eight years of experience as a stay-at-home Mom! I’m happy to be back in the classroom. I love teaching because I care about your child’s education, I love seeing my students grow and learn.

Ms. Rodriguez

3rd Grade

ZFK00UNgHi, my name is Rita Rodriguez, and I have been in Christian Education for over twenty years. I was born and raised in California and came to Arizona in 2004. I earned my bachelor’s degree in Christian Education from Shasta Bible College. I hold my Arizona teacher’s credentials and my ACSI teacher’s credentials. I get excited to do hands-on activities and center activities with my students! I feel very privileged to teach at West Valley Christian School and to teach from a Christ-centered perspective.

Mr. Diaz

4th Grade

0eYSgYegHi, my name is Victor Diaz, and I have been teaching for ten years. I became a teacher because I want to help inspire young minds, and I love teaching at West Valley Christian School because I get to do that with a Christian focus. I earned my degree from Arizona State University in Leadership and Education. In my classroom, I focus on developing critical thinking skills as well as a Biblical worldview. To teach is a privilege, and I am looking forward to participating in your child’s educational journey!

Ms. West

5th Grade Homeroom and Middle School History

JAayZbcQHi! My name is Danielle West, and I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. After living in the beautiful Northwest for six years, I returned to Phoenix and earned my Bachelor of Education degree from Arizona Christian University. I began teaching at West Valley Christian School in January 2017. I have known since I was a very young child that I wanted to teach, and was inspired by the example of my mother, who is a teacher as well. I became a teacher because I believe students are the future and deserve the best education possible. Throughout my education, I have had excellent educators that helped develop a love of learning in my life. That is precisely what I wish to inspire in my students. I am excited to have the opportunity to teach at West Valley Christian School and help my students build a biblical worldview.

Mrs. Wahlstrom

Assistant Principal & 5th /6th Gr. Teacher

HLxyS6YgGrowing up in a Christian School in the Phoenix area, I admired my mom who devoted her life to Christian education. In high school, I was inspired by the way my teachers encouraged me and invested their lives working with students. After earning my Bachelor of Elementary Education degree at Friends University, I had the privilege to go back and teach in the Christian school where I grew up. Always striving to improve my teaching practice and find better ways to help students learn, I pursued and completed a Master of Education degree from Walden University. In 2011, I was given the opportunity to work at West Valley Christian School.  Throughout my 16 years of teaching, the Lord has allowed me to teach grades K-5, serve teachers, and support principals in a variety of ways. My name is Jeanette Wahlstrom, and I am honored to serve the families and staff at West Valley Christian School.