Middle School

Middle School… it’s a season of tremendous growth for your child, both academically and personally. We know how much you want your child to thrive during this season. So do we. And we’re confident that we can help. At WVCS your middle schooler will be engaged with curriculum and instruction that is designed to help them think critically and carefully about the many choices and challenges they’re facing and to set them up for success in the rest of their academic career.  More importantly, we’ll provide the instruction and example they need to help them cultivate a strong Biblical foundation and excellent Christian character, so they will be thoroughly equipped to excel in life, career and following Jesus.

This school provides a quality education from a Christian worldview…but what I like the most about this place is the people God has brought here…hearts committed to serve the Lord with the gifts and talents He has blessed them with.

Extended Care

We also understand that your work schedule may not allow you to drop off or pick up your child immediately before or after school. That’s why we offer low-cost extended care to keep your son or daughter safe and happy until class begins, or you return from work.

Let us help you on this journey!