A Closer Look

Here is a quick look behind the scenes so you can see three of the core beliefs that propelled WVCS to be the only five-star preschool in the West Valley.

NOW OR NEVER – Did you know that ninety-five percent of your child’s brain is developed by the time they reach five years old? These are critical years in your child’s development, and we know you want to make the most of them. That’s why the way we engage your child differs from other schools. Rather than asking your child to demonstrate their learning by completing worksheets and workbooks, we have chosen a very interactive, hands-on approach to their education. Research has shown that this approach is much more effective in these early years of your child’s development.

HANDS ON – At WVC Preschool, your child will be intentionally and constructively engaged in hands-on, play-based learning experiences. In these experiences, they will touch, manipulate, and explore in ways that allow them to build the intellectual foundations they will need to succeed in school, career, everyday life, and most importantly in following Jesus.

TOGETHER – We understand that you are the parent – and our job is to work with you as we labor together for your child’s success. As a result, we believe in keeping you informed about what your child is learning so that you can continue to support their development at home. And we believe in listening to you so that we can reinforce the investment you are making in your child at home. Our goal is to partner with you in providing a rock solid foundation for your child.