Money. There never seems to be enough. We understand that one of your biggest concerns about securing a private, Christian education for your child is the cost of their tuition. That’s why we’ve gone the extra mile to find the help you need to make it possible for you to join the WVCS family. We work closely with other organizations who believe in the value of a Christian education so that we can help make this investment more affordable for you. Look at the opportunities below:

Student Tuition Organizations

Organizations like Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization (ACSTO) partner with Christian schools and families like you to make your dream of private Christian education a reality for your child. We are so grateful that West Valley Christian School has earned a place as a Preferred School with ACSTO, and this year alone our students will receive from $170,000 to $200,000 in ACSTO and other student tuition organization scholarships. The best part? Since all students at West Valley Christian are eligible to receive the ACSTO scholarship, you are eligible too! 


In addition to working with ACSTO, we also work with eight other major scholarship providers who are committed to making it possible for your child to receive a rock solid education. This year, our students received over $140,000 in scholarships from these providers. You can learn more about those organizations by contacting Shannon Palmer.


We also offer discounts for families with multiple school-aged children.

The Bottom Line

With all these scholarships and discounts available to WVCS families, we can assist you in reducing the amount you invest in your child’s future to a level that’s comfortable for your family. For example, the annual cost of tuition for the 2017-2018 school year is:

Grades K – 5 Grades 6 – 8
$7,000 $7,400

However, many WVCS families who take advantage of these opportunities have dramatically reduced the cost of providing a rock solid, Christ-centered education for their children! 

Using the opportunities provided by ACSTO and other scholarships, we’ve covered 100% of the tuition costs for my three children!

Steve, Avondale, AZ. – WVCS parent since 2016.

We have been so blessed by attending WVCS for the past two years; this became possible through scholarship organizations like Arizona School Choice, Arizona Community Foundation, ACSTO, and Arizona Leadership Foundation.

We have been covered 100% for the past two years.

The Perez Family, Phoenix, AZ

Over the past five years our three children have attended WVCS we have been truly blessed because the majority of our tuition costs were covered through corporate scholarships and tax credits – with 100% being covered in the school year 2017-2018.

The Warner Family, Litchfield Park, AZ